Product Reviews

Product Reviews

SOG Bowie 2.0: A Modern Take on a Classic Blade

SOG Bowie 2.0

While not from WWII, the SOG Bowie 2.0 was inspired by the…

Australian WW2 Machete: A Slice of Military History

Australian WW2 Machete

Issued to Australian troops during WWII, this machete-style knife was designed for…

British Smatchet: A Unique Blend of Functionality and History

British Smatchet

The Smatchet was a unique and versatile British fighting knife used by…

Japanese NCO Sword: A Storied Relic of Japanese Military History

Japanese NCO Sword

While not a knife, the Japanese NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) sword was a…

Italian MVSN Dagger: A Fascinating Glimpse into History

Italian MVSN Dagger

Known as the “Fascist Dagger,” this ceremonial dagger was worn by members…

M3 Trench Combat Knife: A Historic Icon Revisited

M3 Trench Knife

Issued to American soldiers during WWII, the M3 Trench Knife featured a…